Community Calling

The Family Project always enjoys the start of a new term as it means the return of different school-based projects and the renewal of good relationships, exciting conversations and the familiarity of the steady rhythm that school life can bring. Drop-In at St. Mary’s School in Kirkby Lonsdale begins on the 16th September. This is a space for any parents or guardians of children at St. Mary’s to come and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the end of Monday afternoon from 2-3pm. We hope this space feels like a haven, a place where you can come for a chat knowing someone is happy to see you and is ready to listen. We are in the family room, located near the nursery and some of the family project team are there every Monday during term-time.  If you are a new parent to the school do come along and say hello. Drop-In can be a great way of getting to know other parents and hear about family activities that are happening locally.

Messy Harvest is also coming up on October 13th 3.30-5.30pm in Kirkby Lonsdale Methodist Church. As I write, we are currently in the middle of planning this event and as a team we are very excited. We are trying out this form of gathering as we hope it will appeal to different learning styles and ages whilst also creating a feeling of community and belonging. The basic structure is to have a variety of different activities all related to a story in the Bible. The Bible story is retold throughout the activity time and then is acted out during the celebration time. The celebration is a time where we share our achievements; what we are proud of making during the Messy Harvest event. After these things have been celebrated and the story has been acted out, we gather together to share a meal. As I have mentioned in other blogs, I believe something special happens when people sit and eat alongside one another; barriers of shyness and awkwardness often disappear once a meal begins. It is at meals that golden conversations occur. Kirkby Lonsdale Churches are known for providing good food and this will be no exception! Please come along and give this event a go. Afterwards, we would welcome your insight into how to make this event better as we hope to launch other forms of Messy events soon. If you have always found church difficult but are looking for a way of connecting with your local community and engage with faith in a new way this might be something to try. Equally, if you are simply looking for a community, this could be it. Please drop me a line with your thoughts, if you go/went to Messy Harvest, to me on:

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