How our talents can shape our world…

St. Patrick’s Youth Group began again late September with a number of Year 5’s- Year 8’s coming along for the first time. Plus, some of our old crowd returned filled with stories of summer that they couldn’t wait to tell us. It is always fascinating to watch a group dynamic alter as established people in a group weigh up and then begin to slowly connect with the new faces that who have arrived. I am pleased to say that after a few icebreaking games it was as if the group had always been together. St. Patrick’s Youth Group young people are becoming exceptionally good at welcoming and including the newcomer. Keeping an eye out for who may not be being included enough and making space for that individual. We are still hoping to welcome some more newcomers to our youth group so please feel free to come along on a Tuesday night if you are in Year’s 5- 8, it runs from 7-8.30pm at Endmoor’s Village Hall. Every session we have a workshop of some kind! This term we have had den building, street dancing and an introduction to scouting workshop. The next few weeks we will have a circus skill workshop plus Christmas based workshops too. We hope there is something for everyone.

Some of the messy activities completed and ready to be taken home by their owners.

Messy Harvest was held in the Methodist Church on Sunday 13th October. We had a fun afternoon of different activities ranging from making Joseph’s technicoloured dream coat to thinking about the food we eat and the impact our choices has on our environment.  It was lovely to see so many families enjoy time together in this setting where creativity and questioning was encouraged, embraced in what we hope was a relaxing environment. Fantastic story-telling and also some great on the spot acting meant we could think about how Joseph’s gift of interpreting dreams meant that he was able to guide the rulers of the day to look after the crops, share the food and ensure no one went hungry during a season of famine. I was left pondering how all our different gifts could contribute to making our world a fairer and more sustainable place to live. This month I invite you to spend some time reflecting on what qualities and gifts you have that may help, in a small (or even a large) way, change our world for the better. If, like me, thinking about yourself doesn’t come naturally, maybe ask a friend or family member what quality, talent or gift they see in you that makes you different, perhaps a joy bringer or an enthusiast in a certain field. By identifying our own unique talent or quality it can help us all grow together more as a community and it may, like in the story of Joseph, be vital in looking after the town, country or world we love.

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