Looking tentatively ahead…

I have found these last few months have left me changing the way I plan my social life. Before Covid-19 I was someone who had weekends booked in advance for months on end. Now I tend to look a couple of weeks ahead at a time. Some of this is because I have slowed down as life has, in some ways, got more complicated and in other ways become simpler. I also do not miss the life I had where my weekends were completely booked up with me travelling large distances to see friends and family. I am enjoying quieter and more locally based weekends. It has given me a new appreciation of the place I live and the people I live near too. I wonder if you also have felt the same?

Planning for events with the Family Project has also been tricky because I am aware that others are feeling like I am; that they do not want to or can’t plan too far in advance. That is why the event we are offering this September is one which we hope you can come to easily. It is local and has the aim of being relaxing, simple and hopefully energy giving. It is for everyone; although this event is under the Family Project banner, it is for single folk, families, retired people, tired folk, energetic people, those feeling lost and those who are feeling more centred. All are welcome. Telling us a few days before, via email, is fine. We recognise that planning in advance may be difficult for some. Letting us know you are coming is merely so we can communicate to you if an event is cancelled due to poor weather, Covid regulation changes or if the spaces are already filled for the event.

This September we hope to offer the local community in and around Kirkby Lonsdale a Messy Church Picnic . It will take place on the Glebe Field, which is near Ruskin’s view.

Messy Church will be held at 4pm on Sunday 20th September. Please bring your own seating, food and drink. This will be an opportunity to gather as a Messy Family once more. We shall have socially distanced spaces pre-arranged so on arrival we will direct you to a space to set up! There will also be a QR code scanning trail to follow so you may wish to download a QR code app before you come. If you would like to book a place at this event email me at lol@cilfamilyproject.org. All are welcome.

Looking further ahead, you may remember in my last article I mentioned Muddy Church! We have now moved this to October so please keep an eye open next month for more information.

I hope to see some of you at the picnic. If I don’t, I hope you are well and doing whatever helps you feel joy, love and connected to yourself, humanity and maybe even God.

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