Enjoying Time Together

As I write we are just a few days before Monday 17th May when people with 2 households or 6 people will be allowed to meet inside and you can hug your friends and relatives once more. This is an exciting time after over a year of restrictions. In this moment, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel! The Family Project is cautiously optimistic about what this means for activities in the summer.

Messy Church is having its first meet up in person on the 6th June at 3pm. This will take place on the Glebe Field ( near Ruskin’s View) and we invite you to bring a picnic along for the event too. Our theme is ‘Good things coming out of difficult times’. There will be several activities to enjoy plus our Messy story. For more information please email me : klmessychurch@gmail.com

At the end of July and throughout August there will be a summer trail around the Graveyard at St. Mary’s Church. We hope this will be a fun thing to complete on family walks for locals and any visitors you have to the area. Please let us know if you enjoy this trail or if you can think of anything that might improve this as we welcome feedback.

On July 10th at 2pm on the Glebe Field ( next to Ruskin’s View) we will be hosting a Muddy Church. Together we will be exploring the Glebe, creating something that can be used in the community and exploring the idea of God being found in nature and the past, present and future. Please do come along. You will need to sign up using Eventbrite so please email me for a link: klmuddychurch@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at some point during the summer months!

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